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I will submit important updates to my systems here. To ensure all subscribers are getting fills, and so that we can track any potential errors promptly - it will be standard that I address the critical trades here soon after they are executed. Therefore, if you are a current subscriber, it will be important to subscribe to this thread and submit to direct e-mail notifications. Occasionally, I will also submit my trading ideas and standard summary for the markets - mostly on a weekly basis. I have already learned that with the Collective2 forums - less is more. I won’t ever talk about track record again, both historically, or by future reference. I will edit this post continually to add more context to my trading systems, which for now… come at no cost. Collective2 is an attractive outlet for me because it provides community and relatively automated income process, which by the way - are what my strategies also offer my subscribers. They are all income based strategies. The ultimate end game, is to lock down the programs with about a dozen well suited clients. It’s at this point that I am likely to make the entire program private. The target demographic will be those who have at least $100-300K additional capital to continue to allocate to new programs that are created, right here at Collective2. I believe in repeat business, and keeping my clients happy. We are going to essentially create our own internal community, and it should remain small. Here’s the best way I can explain my value to prospective clients. While there are many strategies here at Collective2 that generate impressive returns, these strategies come with their own intrinsic risk. Clients will eventually realize my trading is very consistent, and being income based - there is much flexibility in how that can be harnessed. For example, my strategies will always come with either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly payouts or all of the above - even during potential drawdowns. Now… this is not valuable if you don’t have confidence in the trader, or the drawdowns are too much to handle. However, I am confident that you will find confidence in me, and the drawdowns should remain light. In that respect, it is indeed income that you can depend upon, which is very valuable. If you want, you can then take this income - and parlay that into more aggressive strategies on Collective2 - where you essentially can trade the traders. I have learned by watching others on this platform, through trial and error - that this is common here. In short, my strategies can be considered a base home, and viewed more like a bank account, than a potential big winning ticket. Trading on my own, this is indeed how I handle things personally already. I depend on my income based strategies to create the baseline, and sometimes - I will parlay those profits into more aggressive moves I feel comfortable with. I would advise my clients to essentially do the same, and sometime in the future - when I really feel comfortable with these aggressive plays, we will create new programs for them. However, they will remain private - and will only be revealed to my trusted investors that have made some profit with me, for a considerable period of time.

This seems the most logical and strategic approach for everyone involved. If and when that happens, my assumption is that I may charge an above average subscription fee - where this then becomes financially attractive. For now… while I do test this business model at Collective2, it will still come with no cost, or at a very low entry barrier - compared with the intrinsic value. I wish you the best and look forward to working with you.

Edit - The thread has yet again been trolled. If you are a prospective future client, please take note. I am open to challenges and constructive questions, which will be answered. However, if those engaging me practice blatant provocation - then there will be a no-tolerance fault block policy on my programs indefinitely. This means if you subscribe to the program, that I will proceed to remove you from them. This ensures we keep the trading circle operating at the most healthy standards. There is no other option but to introduce this policy after recent talk.

Edit - The moderators did their jobs and removed the provocateurs. Thanks for maintaining the professionalism.


> Why is your strategy not TOS verified?

TOS verifying my strategy is more trouble than it is worth and would literally require me to allocate additional capital from my savings to support the strategies. I run all of these strategies + others in my own personal account thus using the margin in the most efficient fashion. For example, I can neutralize margin with offsetting futures contracts (something I can’t do at Collective2) and so forth. In order to make my strategies TOS certified - I would have to partrition/silo my accounts and trade these all separately, which I don’t feel like doing. Additionally, once you have linked Collective2 up to the account, you can no longer execute any trades on it - but that’s just another issue, not the core one. If there is enough money made on C2 - then I would feel comfortable parlaying those profits into new accounts that are TOS certified. Okay, I will make that new offer now. You may track this on your own. All profits from the accounts will be parlayed into the account for TOS verification when it hits the appropriate balance. Right now, I would have to pull that from my trading account or savings. That’s not financially reasonable, and certainly is not needed while I’m offering my services at no charge.

> What is the minimum amount that I need to apply to the account even if I scale down the trades?

This is a great question. 1-4 futures trades are possible at any time with these systems. However, it will usually be trades spread in opposing contract directions - which is a smart use of margin. The bottom line is that you should not try to replicate the strategies with less than $25K for the futures side. If you allocate $25K for the futures side, and then scale the rest of the strategy to whatever capital that you have left - then you will be perfectly fine. While the futures trades are sometimes used to hedge, they are done so intelligently. You shouldn’t incur significant losses or performance skew if you are taking this approach in scaling it down. Needless to say, it’s not the approach I am looking for with long term clients. I hope this helps, thanks.

EDIT: RockstockPRO is Roth IRA compatiable and trades LONG stocks only. There are no futures or options trades. You may scale the strategy down in whatever way that suits your personal needs.

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The bigger question is why this guy feels threatened. If he is such a good trader he shouldn’t need to market/respond/post on forums. Just let performance speak for itself and rake in all the dough.

The fact that he doesn’t makes me get my popcorn ready and prepare for the tears from subscribers.

So the age old question why are you not TOS?

This has been answered and now added to FAQs in the original post.



An Apple options trade has been filled at limit when the market isn’t open - a glitch on C2s platform. This trade should fill at market open tomorrow. This glitch has resulted in the drawdown error.

We are likely to see a considerable amount of chop this week, pending data releases towards mid to end of week. In my opinion, unless there are major data blows or unforeseen event risk - the technical signals we received last week on the next bull leg higher are incredibly strong. Just gauging based on NQ alone, we suspect that the 5950 barrier should be a major battle level. Bears really shouldn’t be opening any case files until we at least breach this level. Volatility has also registered it’s impressive numbers - by printing the lowest September ever recorded in history. These are most certainly interesting times to be a trader, and one thing is clear - if you are not collecting income, then you’re operating at a strategic disadvantage. Starting Wednesday: ADP Non-Farms will be due 8:15AM which should most likely be a non-event, but something to watch for. ISM numbers and crude oil invetories will come in two hours later, and then Yellen will prop up for a talk towards the end of the day. Wednesday is indeed a pack full day - but we view it as the warm up session for the real juice on Friday. Commencing Friday: Non-Farms and the unemployment are due at 8:30AM and this should be the real market mover. Where the market stands price wise, moving into this announcement, is probably going to more important than the data itself. If we saw the market drift lower on the prior data starting Wednesday, then any moderate number we see released by NFP could easily get bid up in the current technical environment. It will be a fairly light earnings week with mainly PEP / PAYX / MON / COST stealing the spotlight whereas we see no potential catalysts to affect the broader market movement. Personally, I am most interested in MON earnings.

Moving back to the VIX…

I am still astonished by what is happening here. We closed out September as the lowest volatile month in history. That’s unreal… Right now, our indicators and system do confirm volatility is going to continue lower. We continually monitor the futures markets to spot signs on divergence between contango and backwardation, but it really does appear that the ETFs tracking this action will continue to drip lower, in the case of UVXY/VXX - much lower, possibly heading towards $30 on VXX by December. However, the VIX index itself should start to slow down, considerably - around these current levels. We are expecting pops in volatility, but would hardly blink an eye until it can breach the 13 level, again. These are exciting times if the trades are played carefully.






And as of yesterday the shock continues. Volatility Index ends the day at 9.45, the 5th lowest close in history. Lowest vol ever in October. Can we say a directional traders worst nightmare? But it’s our playground…



The greed index is through the roof… but this doesn’t mean markets won’t continue melting up, because this is exactly when they do that. Volatility is still quite the topic, marking the historical all time low last Thursday! Additionally, last week marked an important event - showing volatility future spec holdings surpassing the actual index. Dangerous? Probably… but this danger will just be unannounced, for now it’s going to remain very slow.


We have removed most short exposure on this system and stand to do well if the Nasdaq futures hold above 5950. Short hedges will kick in underneath this level - and while this chops around, 1-2% of additional drawdown could be possible. However, if we are correct about this pivotal level - then we are holding these two futures contracts LONG above 6050 and the system will be in a nice position for the next move higher. With impending data this week, I do suspect we are more likely to run into drawdown territoy while we counter this.


From Collective2 Support:

Hello, There is a problem with symbol mapping the VIX, so we have disabled AutoTrading the @VX at IB for the time being. We are currently working on a fix.

Volatility futures are not working right now. Luckily, they are not a large part of the strategy. I basically triple hedge everything on this strategy, because it is necessary and you never know when you need that type of security. Right now our weekend option hedge is costing me about a 1% additional drawdown, but looking back now - this is a good thing. What if something happened and the futures trade didn’t work, but the options did? It costs money to do things right, and look out for your clients at all costs.

To update on the strategy…

It’s important to note that the strategy took on an immediate -2% drawdown essentially due to trade costs. Since we are running a covered strategy, it does cost money and is immediately less flashy than the systems writing naked risk. However, I see a big trade lining up and will be executing this trade on Wednesday.

We are likely to skip next week on an income basis and aim to write covered calls that expire out on October 18th. Here is where I am hunting for the first monster trade. Unless something significant happens to price action this week, I am likely to fire off this trade, this Wednesday. Here’s what you should expect:

Although the strategy is already still technically hedged, we will be dual/triple hedging this moving into that expiration date. You may notice a lot of trades fired off on a directional basis LONG the VIX. It would be normal if these trades result in many small losses i.e. $100-300 with the notion we are looking for a $2000-3000 payout on October 18th. However, in an ideal world- we are making money on both the hedges (if the VIX moves slightly here at some point) and then additionally, on the options trade expiring worthless into expiration.

Just a heads up - to reiterate, about 2% DD was automatic on cost, and 1% closley associated with a dual weekend hedge. We’ve already had validation this was indeed necessary to add additional protection here.

I have just briefly looked, but @TradingFlow99 @_J and @RobertPeterson all look like decent traders to me, who also use the forums. On the end of your personal account: you are neither subscribed to any strategies, nor hosting any strategies - so it looks like you don’t even use Collective2. If you have a question or concern I will answer them.

Market close…

There really isn’t much to note here aside how incredibly strong the DJIA breadth remains. YM futures continue to accumulate at the 22500 barrier. Bears are going to take a beating here, as this is likely to continue. On my personal accounts, I’m looking at opening an additional UDOW/SDOW paired trade thesis here. Without a catalyst, and soon - equity markets will continue to bewilder those betting against them.

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We have initiated a covered call sell/write -27 options position expiring mid month. Please ensure this trade has executed on your end. Per activity, you should only expect LONG action on VXX and similar VXX option chains. Small losses moving into mid month expiration are likely here, but many small wins are just as likely.


We did indeed get filled unnecessarily on Apple 148 Puts today, which we have now turned into a spread. While this doesn’t happen often, it’s worth mentioning when it does. Looking at the following prices:


Strike Prices:

148 - Where we had trades.

If we set the benchmark high based on 9/29 prices:

147 - High 1.70 and the highest it has traded since that time = 1.25
148 - High 1.85 and the highest it has traded since that time = 2.16 (problem)
149 - High 2.40 and the highest it has traded since that time = 1.80

Since that time, the only strike price to violate or even come close to those price highs was the 148, which we were involved in, and was initially used as a hedge. This doesn’t happen often, but it did this time.

There was a blatant inefficiency in the market, but the fills were still correct. You can see out of our market sample that the option chains we chose were the only ones that acted strangely. This is the cost of doing business as a trader, you must roll with the punches and proceed forward. This was simply a random draw.

Apple has now been turned into a spread until the end of October. We will hedge the position now overweight 75% cash and underweight 25% another option chain along with Nasdaq futures as is the usual procedure.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


This system will get quiet now. We will be closing the option positions out at the end of the week and will now remain in the short/long futures spread if/when we revisit 5970 or close above 6020.


I have decided today to add a new program that is long stocks only and is compatible with all ROTH IRA accounts. This will not be an impressive strategy, unless you choose to scale it down. It will be long ETFs only - which are also compatible with ROTH accounts, mostly following both rules assigned by Fidelity and Interactive Brokers. Feel free to adjust the strategy and scale it as your own. This strategy is being introduced at no charge.

To kick off the program, we will be initiating a long GOLD position.

Markets closed…

Clearly volatility is still zapped. Markets are waiting for data on Wednesday and Friday. The snooze fest continues. Personally I am fine with all my trading, but am ready to close down some big wins on the volatility approach. Dual hedges and spread fees have cost me here, but this is likely to spike for upside very soon. I really am thinking the rest of the year will trade like this, with the VIX under 13. Whenever I log into Twitter or chat communities, I see many traders complaining. They don’t understand… These are the most ideal conditions for collecting premium.

Until tomorrow.

EDIT: Found out today Goldman Sachs is opening up a cryptocurrency division. BTCUSD is going higher, the only way to trade this is to have it constantly hedged. The real issue with cryptos is not necessarily risk in the actual market, it’s the risk in convenience and even possibility (if things got bad) in how to convert the bitcoins back to cash. Once technologists created more efficient markets for that task then it will attract more serious capital.

Markets are quiet here, ISM / ADP data points were all a non-event this morning. Markets still remain bullish but we are extremely cautious now at these levels. I suspect Nasdaq remains above 5960 into Friday / below 6020.


We are likely to remain spread into the weekend, thus locking down $1800 for our first week with extremely stable income based trading. These types of small profits locked in and out is how the system works. You can depend on them per a weekly basis. It will never be extremely flashy, but there are also no surprises.

#OptionsPRO / #VolatilityPRO

Both systems are in a drawdown, which is normal out of the gate for these systems. I could have run them with naked risk and they would also be in profit, but then black swans can result in problems. We are here for a long term horizon and it sometimes costs to do things right. Volatility still remains completely zapped, so there should be some nice payouts coming mid month. Let’s see how the markets respond to NFP on Friday, which is key.

Markets closed…

It’s been a nonevenful day. My managers at the funds continue to steer me in the same direction. They want me to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s just so easy now that it’s not even fun. I want to break the status quo again. I want to outperform some model or approach again. I have met and spoke with a few people here at Collective2 now. Good people. I’ve told some of you my bigger goals. It should make more sense now. There’s a promising future for places like Collective2. I think so, but maybe not. We shall see. One thing is for certain. I am excited to build some type of community here. Somewhere we can share ideas and then execute on them. Do you have an idea? Run it by me. I’ll tell you how we can play that idea, and hedge it. That’s fun to me. The funds just want me on the same stuff everyday. The creativity has been zapped. I need places like Collective2 - more flexibility, and plain and simple… it’s just more fun. Typically, I consider these naughty words in the field of finance, fun, exciting. It’s true that the most simple and boring concepts work the best. But that’s not what I mean. I am saying creativity. Taking a creative and bold idea, and boiling it down so well that it becomes boring. That’s how you make money. But at least during some point in the process - it was fun.


Surprisingly overcooked levels here before NFP tomorrow. We are out of the longs but will jump quickly back in above 6030. We can’t shave the shorts off until these signals turn now, which could be a while… anywhere from 1-10 trading days is the norm. Market breadth is now way over extended for upside, which should continue.

#RockstockPRO / #OptionsPRO

Netflix NFLX is on absolute fire today, mostly responsible for keeping the Nasdaq at these highs. I am forecasting a very healthy move into the 200s by the end of this month. We initiated trades long NFLX in both programs.