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Is that platform work well for strategy manager?

i thinking in publish my strategy here but i curious if collective2 work well for strategy manager or will be just waste of money and there is no investors …
and if only strategies at top of list get all the benefits and not give chance to others.

i confusing between invest in here for 6 moths to 1 year or apply at one of fund programs at firms

so what your experience here?

Basically you have to get really lucky by having double-digit returns with single-digit drawdowns for at least 3 months before anybody signs up so it’s up to you otherwise you’re shit out of luck.


I second Bob and here’s my sincere two cents. You need to devote yourself and maintain a (not good enough but) perfect trade record for at least 6 months in order to get clients. Even you make so, it doesn’t guarantee that your strategy will be popular here. I can talk for myself; for my experience, I wasn’t taking trading record very seriously when I started my strategy here. It was too late before I grasped the fundamental working dynamic of C2 as I had already a big DD in my case. Since then, even I strive for the best I couldn’t really get much clients other than one loyal fellow. Bottom line, I’ll keep my efforts to the end of this year (by the end of 2020 it’d be nearly 2 years here) and if I can’t still find a financial compensation or take a private trading offer, I’ll quit here and kill my account. Hope this helps.


Honestly I think Matthew should feature multiple strategies of the week across 3-5 different categories. Conservative, aggressive, etc. I think it behooves C2. Unless there’s something I’m missing like some sort of liability risk by promoting aggressive strategies.


I can’t agree more! C2 needs to enlarge its client base and promote different breeds of strategies to the folks with varying levels of risk aversion.


Not quite, even C2 strategies with a 100% drawdown are still attracting subscribers.


thank you for all replies … honestly i am confusing between trade here or trade at one of fund programs firms like t4t anyway … i have 2 more questions:

1-what make collective2 is different than other free platform around where you can just link your broker account to platform and let investors subscribe you ? what making collective2 community different to me as strategy manager especially it’s not free and i have to pay monthly fees?

2-module account size effect on minimum capital require ?

This can be easily accomplished by going to the Grid and choosing the parameters that best fit your trading style and risk-tolerance (annual return versus drawdown for instance) :

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Of course, I’m aware in how possible ways “The Grid” can be employed for creating reports of various kinds. What I’m talking about is an “official” bulletin underlining the possible strengths and weaknesses of top strategies and presenting this summarized info to possible customers. Maybe an extended version of “Strategy of the Week” featuring multiple strategies for different risk tastes. If strategy managers are also supposed to do all the marketing stuff and find customers then what’s point of using C2? Do you believe that we are the ones as strategy-managers who are responsible for developing and extending the strategy-user base of C2?

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Yes I see what you mean, but quite frankly do you really think C2 will start sending emails that say : “Wow, look at this strategy of the week, its drawdown exceeds 90% but hey, it could have tripled your money in less than 2 weeks! So if you are not afraid of risk and love fast profits this strategy is for you.”


I can relate your critics but you’re a bit exaggerating and over caricaturing risk-taker strategies.There are lots of strategies here that could double up the capital in a year or so with a reasonable amount of risk and DD. Maybe some people would look for a yearly %10 something return with a %7 max-DD which I totally understand, but if I were a strategy-user I’d like to be informed on risky but solid strategies by C2, ie officially. If someone is risk-averse, he has a sea of options here, all well polished and put under the spotlight by C2-star programme. What about the risk loving client? Which one should he follow? Do you think the mere parameter for risk is over-leverage pointed out by some folks here?

Sure, I agree, there are plenty of traders who do not care much about risk or drawdown, they just want or need to double (or triple) their money fast.

But if you had a website like C2, would you really promote such high-risk strategies to your users/customers (via the “Strategy of the week” for example)?

I really don’t have any single info on that other site.

Don’t worry about that, if your trading strategy is good it will get noticed in no time.


This is a great platform for strategic manager. I’m sure you’ll find their services impressive. I was a bit skeptical starting at fieetsy

**you are right , i made money with them but it’s useless because i can’t withdraw money when i need because they offer paypal only and i do a lot effort and work and i expect to withdraw money when i need but paypal not support my country and other option about check not really great one.
so i just closed my strategy

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