Equity account funded in GBP

Hi everybody,

I’d like to open a equity account funded in GBP with a broker that supports 3G autotrading. I’ve got a GBP forex account with MB Trading but apparently their equity accounts can only be funded in USD.

Does anyone know about a broker that offers GBP funded equity accounts to trade futures and stocks and that supports 3G autotrading?

Thank you!

Hi, German -

I don’t have a perfect answer for you, but I can suggest one possible solution. Since we are about to turn on Gen3 for Interactive Brokers (an announcement is coming soon) we are currently looking to partner with broker-dealers who use Interactive Brokers as their platform, either on non-disclosed or fully-disclosed basis. (If you’ve ever dealt with a brokerage firm that was not named “Interactive Brokers,” and when the time came to open an account, you were taken to an Interactive Brokers web page; or if you funded your brokerage account by writing a check to “Interactive Brokers,” then your broker is using Interactive as his platform.)

So, if you (or any other C2 Member, for that matter) have worked with a broker-dealer in the past (either USA or non-USA based) who uses Interactive Brokers as their platform, and if you enjoyed the experience of working with that broker, we’d be delighted to explore the possibility of partnering with your suggested firm so that you could use C2 Gen3 AutoTrade at an Interactive-Brokers-affiliated broker.

Please understand that we can’t work with every broker, and adding a new broker interface is a fairly involved process on a technical level, so we’ll need to be selective; and I can’t promise that we will be able to act on every suggestion. That said, I certainly would welcome feedback from you or other C2 Members about Interactive Brokers partners that you’d like to see us work with in the very near future.