ES Neutral new system

Bull bear US equitues futures, no just long or just short.

Using hedging with different market indices for example long ES short YM.

Last 2 days profits $5700.

Can be scaled at a minimum of 50%. Will trade even lots going forward.

Applicable with interactive brokers margin requirements.

High Suggested Min. Cap. :open_mouth:, but explain, stoplosses, trade methods?

Better yet, put this information where more people will see it-in the Description link of your page.

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What’s with the early currency trades?
Couldn’t you have reset the system before changing what you were going to trade?

And just that fast…its gone

Your free Simulation to strategy ES Neutral (120456649) has ended. The strategy was made entirely private by the Trade Leader. No Simulations are allowed for private strategies.

Down 60% after 1 day and this guys has like 6 profiles. MarkM(x).

I’m sure MarkM7 or MarkM27 will be back next week.