Ethos Swing - Best month ever and new all time high

I try not to be too promotional on the forums when the markets are rising since it should be easy for all strategies to make money under those conditions. I believe that trade leaders who can make money for their subscribers during crazy periods like this deserve to be a little boastful.

Ethos Swing just completed its best month ever with a gain of 21% and hit an all time equity high while the S&P suffered its worse loss since March. This is my second year at C2. Ethos Swing has beaten the S&P by many multiples each year with drawdowns which have been less than the index. With a 53% compounded annual return it has a 2:1 gain to drawdown ratio and a Sortino ratio over 2. Exceptional performance with an average of only one trade per month and low leverage.

Ethos Swing is one of the few strategies that has been trading on C2 for over a year which is ranked in the Top 20 on the Leaderboard. It’s also at the top of the Trades Own Strategy and IRA Friendly leaderboards. Besides the outperformance during one of the hardest trading years in recent memory, I am most proud of the reviews left by my subscribers. 6 x 5-Star, 1 x 4-Star, 1 x 3-Star, 0 x 2-Star, 0 x 1-Star and no negative comments.

This isn’t a flash in the pan strategy that only works when the markets are trending higher. It’s a proven system that I’ve been trading successfully for over 10 years. I invite you check it out if you haven’t already. There is much more information on the description tab of the strategy page or feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

Have a great weekend and a profitable year!


Nicely done and good reviews!


Thank you for the comment. You’ve set a high bar that we’re all trying to keep up with.


Good job, as expected, Ethos! What an accomplishment during this crazy year. I’m not surprised your subscribers are so pleased with you. Great performance and top-notch communication.

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