Profiting from the sell off? Ethos Swing is

I’m not one to boast about my strategy when the market is making new highs and trading is easy, but now that we have finally seen a correction I think the successful strategies deserve to be a little boastful.

According to C2, Ethos Swing:

  • Has the best all time performance of all IRA friendly strategies on the leaderboard (64% vs second highest at 47%)

  • Has the best 6 month performance of all IRA friendly strategies on the leaderboard (54% vs second highest at 32%)

  • Has gained 11.6% YTD while the S&P is down 7.8%

  • Has gained 64% in the 8 months Ethos Swing has been on C2

  • All that with only 9 trades since the strategy was created

  • And is one of the lowest priced strategies on C2 at $49

Last week Ethos Swing went into a 100% cash position as breadth failed to keep up with the enthusiasm in the market. We avoided the Monday sell off and went short (via an inverse ETF) on Tuesday morning when the rebound failed and the market broke below Monday’s low. We’ve held onto our short position but covered half of it into today’s selling.

If you would like more information about my strategy or would like a copy of it’s Frequently Asked Questions, please message me on C2 or email me at

Wishing you profitable trading,

“Don’t confuse a bull market with market intelligence”

Fantastic work! I’m very glad to see it. You do deserve a bit of boasting.

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Way to trade. Good job.

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Are these your failed systems??

You caught me @EdHerns. My failed Day Trading and Forex test strategies have lost a total of 6%. I’ve been busted! But thanks for using the graph view with no axis markings so that it looks much worse.

BTW, I’m honored that a burner account which is two days old, follows no strategies, has only been on the forums for a total of 3 mins and has made no other comments or likes would be so interested in my strategy. Plus, you have an amazing ability to look up past strategy details for a person who has been on C2 for only 2 days.

It’s really quite sad that another trade leader with performance issues has to go through this much trouble to try to criticize me instead of wanting to build a community of great strategies that subscribers can profit from.


Thanks @InteractiveAssets! And I have to say that your strategy has held up amazingly well in this downturn. It shows how great you’ve hedged it with TVIX. That’s no easy feat.

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Thanks for all the profits, Darcey, and for making it easy to trade manually.

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Thanks Arbi! I know your background includes trading professionally so any accolades from you holds a lot of weight with me.

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Thanks @VG! You were one of my first five subscribers so I really appreciate the confidence you had at such an early stage of the strategy. Oh, and I hope I’m succeeding in slowly changing your mind about shorting. Making money during a bull market is great, but there’s something extra special about profiting in a down market.

Well, I have taken every short (bear ETF) trade you have signaled and so far so good. This last one is going really well but it’s still a nail-biter waiting to see what we wake up to each morning.

You know my history, nine letters: GFC FAZ SEC. Anyone else who went through that understands the pain of making a huge amount shorting then having it taken away. Nothing anyone could have done about that but it’s a lesson on who is really in control. Not us.

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Thanks for this post. I don’t know why I missed but looks good like the one I am currently sub’d to. The strategy i am in was short on friday before the crash. and rode a chunk of it down.

Just keep me in your watchlist or continue to simulate my strategy. If you ever become dissatisfied with the strategy you’re in or want to diversify a bit then we’ll chat again.

Another successful short trade wrapped up, thank you Mr. Portfolio!

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