Excel Order Entry Tool

This tool is intended for Excel users and accelerates C2 manual order entry. Rather than logging into the site and using the C2 QuickTrade form, trades and positions can be managed from Excel connected directly to the C2 API. We run a simplified version as a backup order entry tool for BTO/STC stock trades. The goal would be to offer the same functionality as C2 QuickTrade plus some new ones.

Some example order ideas:

  • Liquidate all positions;
  • Execute spreads;
  • Repeat last trade;
  • Keypad-style % buying power;
  • Multi-leg option strategies…

Virtually any order idea can be implemented and executed at the click of a button (or tap of a touch screen). If this is something you would find useful or have any suggestions for, please comment.

Demo screenshot:


Where can I find this Excel?

This is just an idea currently to see if there is any interest and generate some discussion. Our current working prototype looks like this:

It is a simple backup system for our own use. If you are interested in having something designed please feel free to contact us directly.