Feature request - Filtered Trade Leader

I’m using Trade Leader to pull data from my IB account and it works great. However since I trade several markets and strategies the only way I could do it was to set up dedicated IB accounts for each of my C2 strategies and then allocate small parts of my trading to those accounts. For a while I did this but eventually it became frustrating to have to shift funds back and forth between them and it affected the apparent leverage of my main IB account track record. I also had an unfortunate incident where some subscribers to Genefish Hong Kong were put into a long-term illiquid position in German govt bond futures because of an IB allocation error.

The solution would be to allow us to filter which kind of trades are pushed into a C2 strategy. Indeed we can already filter it by product type (FX, futures, stocks) but we need to be able to be more specific. For example, “Only UK equity trades” or “Only CAC40 futures trades” etc.

Would anyone else like to see C2 implement this feature?

Cameron, have you tried using a C2 compatible Trading Software for placing your C2 trades (https://collective2.com/c2-compatible-software). You can configure the software to place trades into different (virtual) accounts, where each account is mapped to a different C2 system. Using this, you can run all your strategies with a single IB account.

Checkout the video on this page for more information: https://collective2.com/using-ninjatrader-with-collective2

Hope this helps!


Hi ACA, I had a look but it appears that the IBtoC2 software only works with the full TWS App but not for API trading which is how I execute. Also I suspect that it would not satisfy the requirements for TOS which is what I’m after. Thanks for the suggestion though, it would certainly help some people.