Use your broker account to become a trading leader

From reading ( I’m a bit confused with how to integrate an IB account with Collective2 as a trade leader publishing my own strategy. I want to eliminate duplicate entries and go directly through eSignal > IB account > C2.

First, my understanding is that without a brokerage account (or if I chose to stay with TD as my broker up here in Canada) I would simply enter trades for my strategy into C2 via the web-based method from the dashboard. Groovy. That said, I’m strongly considering opening up an IB account and bolting that to my C2 strategy for a few reasons.

  1. What software, if any, would I need for C2 to go and grab my IB Canada trade data? This seems like the obvious choice if I get an IB account and trade through eSignal software, but I’m confused how C2 gets the trade data out of my IB account. Is this functionality is part of C2 or of IBTOC2 or HPB Signal for example. It was not clear to me at

  2. I looked into HPB Signal…it looks to me that the software intercepts trades sent from IB’s TWS and mirrors the trades to C2. I’m going to guess that the trade still actually reaches my IB account! Is this an example how C2 would get trade data out of my IB account?

  3. Last, is it not possible for me to also be “just a subscriber”? I could use C2’s web order entry screen to feed my strategy and bolt my brokerage account to my C2 strategy just as a subscriber, yes? Or does this just generate double fees? But would not this method be the most transparent also?