Feature request: just a verified track record/record-keeping

A feature request that I would like to propose is this:

@MatthewKlein Please provide an extra (cheaper) package for strategy managers for just record-keeping. This strategy would then not be available to invest in, but it should be open to view by everyone. This way C2 is providing a sort of verification service so that traders can build a trustworthy track record to show at job interviews or in general show their trading capabilities without the monthly fee affecting the performance in a negative way.

If I set my max subscribers to 0, the strategy can not be viewed anymore. Changing that would be the fastest way to implement this feature request. And setting the monthly fee to $0 is maybe also not what a trader wants :wink:

Thanks in advance for looking into this!


Great idea, RaoulSuurmeijer. I know several people who would like to have the ability to track their own trading performance without selling a strategy. If I did it, I would like the choice of public/private. C2 does such a good job of tracking real-time performance and trade history that I find myself disappointed at other sites.

If the current base subscription allowed BrokerTransmit I feel like that would be pretty reasonable. Right now I think you have to pay $100 a month to use broker transmit.