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I am not trying to give a handout, I know the investors and traders here are more than capable and do not need a handout, but I have made my strategy free until the End of 2020. This is to build trust and you can try my strategy without the need to pay. Paper trade, simulate or try in real accounts, and I am confident that before the End of 2020 we all will have good returns in our accounts.

Even if it’s free, I think investors like to see a reasonable history before committing any money to it. Also, note that changing the strategy from free to a paid service will change historical results too as current fee is being back-calculated. Something that came up in multiple threads where trade leaders were planning to change their monthly fee.

In the end, numbers will speak for themselves. Nevertheless, good trading!

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@RaoulSuurmeijer thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I am new here so not sure what are the rules for changing the subscriptions. My primary intention is to share my experience and trades with the community, collecting subscription charges is not really the primary intent here, I will see at the end of the year how people respond to my trading style and yes, you are right, people wont just trust anyone blindly to follow their trade ideas, hence Free strategy access so they can see the results.

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Yes, I believe some traders use C2 to simply build a verified trading track record for themselves - to show to potential investors or traders for example - and are not necessarily interested in the subscription money (although a little extra money each month does not hurt).


A verified track record by a trusted third party is a very valid reason to use C2 to distinguish as a trader from all those b.s. Instagram traders with Lamborghini’s and huge fake profits every day. But the next step would be that interested investors contact you for your trading service, and not copy-trade for $0,00 per month at C2 :wink:

In that sense, C2 is actually providing more than necessary. You would only need the verification part, not the autotrading part.

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@RaoulSuurmeijer completely agree, hopefully when I have build a good track record, then it will not go un-noticed by some serious investors. Well, we all can try our best and hope for the best. Rest, even if by the end of 2020 no one notices, at least some would have profited and benefited with free Strategy access :wink: