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C2Broker, with no commisions?


I wonder what this is / will be:

Thousands of C2 strategies - ZERO commissions. Coming soon - C2BROKER. Sign-up today to be notified when we launch.

And no fees / commisions I wonder how this will be acheived? Probably in the execution, spread or vwap
Any ideas?


What’s clear is I wouldn’t trust any broker with “C2” in its name. Each release of Collective2 is even more buggy than the previous one while removing the few useless features and raising prices by an incredible factor. I absolutely wouldn’t trust my money with them… Brokerage development should be handled by professionals, not a bunch of amateurs developers with no management or quality control !


About “buggyness” I tend to agree with you lost 14K in a single position last year since C2 didn´t close a VIX position though signalled by the strategy.
Anyways - I am more interested in the “free concept” knowing there is no such thing as a free lunch, how will they make their money then?


The concept isn’t new. TradeZero or RobinHood offer free trading, although with a lot of exceptions. If I remember correctly, TradeZero routes orders to exchanges that reward you for adding liquidity… However it means one has to pay for market orders, which many strategies use.


Robinhood interest on margin loans is also much higher than IB. They make money on that as well.


I think it’s a good idea. It could be an opportunity to modify the remuneration to the developers. We could charge only a percentage of the performance of our strategies. And of course, we would not pay the monthly fee either. Good luck with this project.


They front run your order, HFT , read the book Flash Boys


I doubt that C2 has the capacity both human and IT to frontrun the orderflow


They most definitely have the capacity to do that. It is very easy to delay mail forwarding or the invokation a method on their autotrade servers. If it is in their interest, they can do it.

Front-running customers’ orders for brokers is illegal. But the new web-site explicitly states that they are not a broker. [It is not illegal to have a service with ‘broker’ in its name.]

As long as they don’t cut back on their current features, I don’t have a problem with this. But they threw three curveballs this year already,. Call me paranoid, but I am a little nervous.


Any new updates in regards to C2Broker?


I would love to see a release date and I am curious if they will have IRA accounts.


Hello @TT3

The practice HFT use more common is quote stuffing. They send enough orders to flood the bandwidth of the particular data feed they’re stuffing. Example they would send and cancel 10,000 orders in a second or fraction of a second. They do this with two exchanges and take advantage of risk arb trades. Basically taking arbitrage trades with no risk because of the difference in price between exchanges. I can tell you how I know this but I’d have to **** you. Don’t forget you could be front running a spoof. While all this was taking place, you wouldn’t even know your data got hung up by a second by the time the backup clears out. At the same time, HFT have no delay on their end and already locked in a profit. And all this took place while you blinked your eye. There are even more things that are going on right now that you won’t hear about for years if ever.