Feature Request: New Grid Columns

Please add these two columns to “The Grid”:

* Current subscribers

* Subscriber revenue


Should show the same information which is available on a system’s detail page (if the system vendor allowed it in his/her profile.)


This would allow potential subscribers to filter systems which get some trust from other subscribers.

Would allow potential vendors to see if their ideas could make some money, what kind of system earns the most and so on.

I believe in transparency. The more reliable information is available, the better for the overall success of C2 and its customers.

I wanted to say the same thing…

Just discovered that "System Finder" knows about "Paid Subscribers"…

…and tells me that there are currently 49 systems with paid subscribers

(out of 908 active systems, see "The Grid")

This matches somwhat a statement I read in several books: 95% of all traders (amateurs, professionals, others) lose money…

Rene: While the finder is displaying only 49 of these systems, there are more than 49. Keep in mind the Finder applies proprietary mathematical "quality" and popularity filters when deciding which systems to show.

Ah, ok.

So these new grid columns would prove even more valuable to get the correct numbers…

Without divulging the precise weights of the proprietary filtering algo, can C2 expound on what it deems ‘quality’ ie. provide a brief description somewhere of why it displays what it does? The ‘System Finder’ is the one feature on C2 that seems to contradict the otherwise unbiased approach to listing trading systems.