Fedback on New System View Vs Classic

Before we lose the Classic View page [which I still prefer, since I like the simplicity of everything on one page] I would like to chime in as follows:

I need the information from the Model Account Status grid displayed at the top of the system page. This info should be under Summary, or at least in that ‘box’. It is too cumbersome to open the ‘Trade’ page to see ‘Available Equity’, especially if I need to access the system from an iPhone or similar.

I want to see at a glance how much Margin is being used, and what percentage of Total Equity is employed and at risk. This is important for system developers/mangers, as well as people looking for a system.

What I would Like to see:
Equity at Start
Cumulative Gain
Total Equity
Buy Power [ meaning available to trade]
Open P/L

Beyond that, I still say all that data found below ‘Popularity Stats’ is too much. At some point is just becomes so much noise. I like all the pragmatic info: Drawdown, Average gain/loss, # of trades, win%, etc.

I would add in place of the Ratio Stats [or in addition to, if people like that stuff] the following:
YTD Return
1YR Return
2YR Compounded
3YR Compounded

I would say just 1,3 and 5yr, but the systems here are mostly too young, so I would go 1 year at a time for compounded returns.

Also, I would list returns for each calender year: 2013, 2012, 2011, etc.

You might consider quarterly breakdowns as well.

All these basic annual and compounded annual returns will allow for easy and direct comparison to Mutual Funds and ETFs, or other things people looking for trading advice/systems, will also be considering.

I don’t think many people are interested in Lowerbound 95%confidence intervals.

You want it to be easy for people to see that they could make more money following the right systems on C2 than they can with their current Mutual Funds or Money Managers/Financial Advisers.

Thank you

You can see all the Model Account Margin Use / Equity / Cash data by clicking the magnifying glass at the upper right of the system chart on the new system page.

Thank you for the magnifying glass insight. I would rather they were just part of the Summary: faster, easier.

Please consider adding the annual and compound returns somewhere in the Statistics area. This is also about ease of comparison.

thank you

Also, please bring the CSV export of historical trades to the new page. Those are very useful.