New, new systems page

I have released the new version of the new System Details page, and I think the latest version addresses some of the common criticisms that the new layout has received.

Changes include:

1) A Summary Statistics area, so you do not have to stare at 10,000 statistics on a hidden page to figure out how the system is doing.

2) Brief system description, visible immediately on page load.

3) Missing stats have been returned to prominence (max drawdown, etc.)

If the new page turned you off, and you stopped using it, then please try the new, new page.

My goal, ultimately, is to phase out the old page, for a variety of software reasons; so if there are additional improvements you’d like to see on the new, new page, please let me know, so that I can begin work on the new, new, new page.


Like it

You improve a lot with this new version, good job! In my opinion would be very usefull if you show the started capital(initial money that the system have in his inception) and the live margined capital . For example i use the margined capital to know really how much capital need this system in that moment, because i use various systems with my account, and some systems needs more “real capital” than others, and for that i use the margined. The rest look great!

Excellent and thanks Matthew. As the person previously said, knowing margin info is also very helpful.


FYI… in the "live feeds," when i have an open position, my table is not aligned properly in Firefox. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

Big improvement. But where is the model account info? Also, I echo the many comments about adding the annual return at the end of each year in the right most column of the monthly table. This is standard practice for hedge fund and managed account performance documentation.

CD Ring[LINKSYSTEM_75976336]

Good point CD Ring. That would be nice having a yearly annual return column.