Feedback On New Site

I like the new look, very mod. I got thrown a bit when you reversed the colors for system vs. S&P. It used to be that S&P was red and system was green, now reversed. I think I prefered our systems in green, maybe because I think of green in a more positive connotation and red as negative (b/c green means profit and red loss). Also, what are the stars ranking of a system on top? Is that a user rating. I’m not crazy to have a 2 star rating on my DeltaHedge system which may not be the best out there, but does have a 9.82 C2 rating, $111,522 profit after 2 years, with only 15.06 max drawdown and 75% winning months. Wow, I am really missing my list of “favorites” when placing trades. You know, the 7 memory slots you can keep as buttons if you trade them every day? I was hoping this would even be expanded and the list able to be set up by the user. It will be a ton more work for me every day if I have to type in every contract symbol every time. But, overall very nice.