Feel like a spammer

SOS :>)

I am managing around 20 market orders in my portfolio system .

I was just about to update the last couple of them and by accident have hit enter button on keyboard and gues what happen .

All of them has been canceled .Without warning or confirmation requested to do so . So my subscribers reseived about 15 new updates emails , then they reseived 20 cancelations emails and than new ( all over ) 20 emails + 1 my appologie = TOOOO MANY EMAILS . I fell like a spamer .

It can be flustrating for some subcribers as this just happened to me second time .

I BEG for feature which if canceling orders or trades ASK for confirmation of intended task , rather then one click execution .

Thank you.

I don’t really understand what you are describing. It sounds like you are saying that by accidentally pressing the enter key, you were able to cancel every single pending order in your system. But I don’t know how or where that is possible.

Can you tell me exatly what steps you followed to make all orders cancel with a single keystroke? The “Cancel All” feature does put up a confirmation screen. So I’m not sure which function you mean. Please give me step-by-step directions about how to replicate this problem, and then I will try to solve it ASAP. - Matthew (email is probably best: matthew at collective2.com)

Hello Matthew

My name is Mark and I am new here to C2. Just wanted to say that I am really having fun and enjoying this service. It is something I’ve always dreamed about! One question I have is, what dollar amount do you use in fiquring the imaginary commissions on your basic long stock trades here? I was just wondering to I could figure it into my trades to get better ratings, profits, etc.

Thanks, Mark

Really, at seleukos this fact succeeded twice. All orders canceled. Moreover, during the last happening of this, we found 11 contracts inserted instead of one, where you replied that it was surely a mistyping. I am not sure of this. The orders was canceled inserting this one (with 11) which was not canceled. But I am not sure of this also. A sensation of danger remains, however.

We are yet trying to recovering the loss…

Ernesto Giorgi