Fees / free sites

thought id mention one last addition to my post

i think the responce to this subject speaks volumes already

only 7 people bother to say anything .

matt i hate to say this but what i think you will find is once you begin chargin whcih for the most part seems in evitable if your ot able to figure our how to promtoe the site and get income from it other ways . you’ll see your users drop to about 10 people .

think the best way is for all of us to send out 10 emails to friends who trade and they send 10 emaisl ect . that is best for all of us

as for the income . as great as the site is it is still a hard sell

i have no problems with fees yet the idea behind the site was for us to sell our systems and once i saw the lack of veiwers i just figured ok paper trade so i can just do experminting on some oddball stragies . hey its paper trading .

coem back to geting more veiwers . and with out that makes it tough . also most people think wow easy all i have to do is place a trade and when people see how much i make they will pay for it

yet people dont work that way . they actually want to se a plan first . i know i do anyways. getting an email telling me a trade was made 14 minutes ago or even 2 minutes ago is late. and who actually sits at te computer with emails reloading over and over in hopes of that great trade coming ??? that is what i find a tough sell

the site is great and i would think most if not all of agree there . yet from what i see all are only seeing it as a free paper trading platform . think i have said plenty . i dont think 75 bucks per yr is even close to expensive but i still think u will see overall traffic drop faster the a lead balloon on a calm day .