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Heres my total situation I have a great system on which will end up makeing me verry rich. I would love to use the site it would make me a better trader because I would put in 3 times the time I put in now looking at the charts. You can realize that when you can help other people you seem to take more pride and go further out of your way to assist. I cannot afford the $80 right now. So unfortunatly I have found something that is a key piece in my life and cannot use it. Canyou understand what that feels like. Imagine the person who put this site here. If he was able to see the possiblitys for him self and could not find a way to do what he has done than Im sure he would feel the same way. Because I can not get them to work with me I’m locked out and my frustration shows. Usually I have found that if someone is that dedicated to doing something they will find a way. And I will eventually find a way. Its like being chained inside a prison for a crime you did not do and next thing you know the wall to the out side falls down. just as you reach it the chain reminds of where you are at. I mean no harm or evil to any one or to the site, like I said Its a great site with great potential

and it brings me that much closer to my goals. It is allways nice when you can afford the things you whant regdless of what it is for.

I would never intentionally bring damage to this site or such to any individual, Its more that i’ve never see such crulty to a individuall who was only trying to do what others had all ready done.Now a comment on the tax issue. What I’m trying to say is that I know a little bit about tax laws and any individual who sells a system on this site or pays the eighty dollars can legally at tax time claim that they have a home business, I’m trying to give all you people $5,000 from the goverment ,god dam you stupid f—s listen up. If I’m going out of my way to make you $5,000 legally and your given me s—t then what the hell is your true age. You see and i’m still trying to get the 80 and I’ve just made every single person who has paid the 80 $5,000 and it only takes about 2 hours month.

The Feds run a program threw the IRS that does this. So Take the $5,000 and blow me off I whent out of my way to assist and what do I get back.Do some reserch on the subject and see for your self

they will send you a check for $5,000

Alan, thanks for your passionate message. Going forward, let’s keep this forum a place to discuss Collective2 technical issues, and steer away from personal information. I have read your complaint that this site charges money, and your opinion on this matter has indeed been noted. Now let’s move forward with other Collective2-related matters. Best regards, Matthew