Finding a system by name

There seem to be a myriad of ways to find a system on the site. However, is there a way to find one by name? Maybe I’ve missed something, but if I know the system, I can still have a hard time actually getting to the system page. Maybe a search by name box?

There is a “search by name” text box on C2’s home page.

Unfortunately, the “home” page isn’t the “home” page…

I’ve often had the same question - and have been unable to find a way to search by system name.

In order to get to the “home” page that has that specific search - you much get to a page that has the “home” clickable text on it.

That search by name box is not on the first “home” page - nor is it on any of the “find a system” pages. Always thought that was pretty odd.

"Return to Home" is in the upper left corner

Yes, I understand that - however, that doesn’t appear on the real “home” page - i.e. - does it?

You have to go to another page to find that - then click it - only then will you find a search by name box.

True. I never see that page because I have the login page as one of the startpages in my browser. From the "true" home page (index page?) it is not obvious how to get at the "Home" page, and the listed search functions do not include the name search.

try logging in. That is standard for most sites.

You don’t have to log in to get to the “home” page that has the search by name box on it.

As far as logging in being standard for most sites - well, that certainly isn’t the case. I’ve probably visited tens of thousands of websites - and only a handful require a log in. There are a ton of ways to search for systems available from the real home page - none of them are search by name. Even on the actual search for a system page there is no search by name.

It is QUITE the case.

collective2, attain capital, futurestruth, striker, timertrac, timerdigest, Hulbert, and other trading-system sites usually require login before accessing the trading systems they monitor.

Google works surprisingly well. Just google <system name> and "collective2".

missed that somehow, thanks. Just assumed it would be on the left hand navigation and gave up. It’s getting pretty crowded on the left there; perhaps some hierarchical menus might tidy things a bit. Though I suspect MK has quite enough to do already.

How does one use the grid to look at all trading systems? So far I’ve only been able to look for certain categories such as future based systems or stock based systems. There are suppose to be over 3,000 systems on C2. So far I’ve only been able to access a fraction of that.

85-90% are defunct