Listing of all registerd systems

I have noticed that nowhere on C2’s website do you offer a listing of all systems registered with C2. I realize that the main purpose of the website is to show the best and the worst of all the systems, and most viewers probably are just interested in that. However, that does not seem fair to all the other systems (and there are probably many) that might fall in-between. With that in mind, cannot C2 create another page listing all the systems, by type of nvestment (i.e., stocks, options, futures, forex) with some info about each (e.g., C2 ranking, RF, etc.) and the ability to link to the detail site of the system? This way viewers will be able to see systems that might not make you rich overnight, but may be more practical to trade and may make money over time. Thank you.

On the home page just under Find a Trading System, there is a link that says “Show All.” As far as I can tell this shows every system registered on C2 (on multiple pages) and you can sort the columns as well.

Yes, I see it. Thank you, I stand corrected. I can see now why C2 only wants to focus on the best systems.