Five Stock Strategy Up 2.2% Today vs S&P Down 1.16%

Important: Please don’t subscribe to S2 or any other strat until you do due diligence. I do hope you observe (eg., using simulator) the strategy as part of your portfolio.

The S2 strategy is up 11% since launch 3 weeks ago, with 21/34 trades profitable, and low 3.8% drawdown. Hedging (eg., short S&P 500 ETF) produces slightly lower returns, but tight drawdowns. I can provide a full excel of all backtest data for the strategy since Dec 2008.

Highly Effective Deep-Fundamental Plus Technical Analysis (Timing) Mix Strategy.
All NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq Universe (5,000 Stocks).
Five Stocks Bought/Held Over One Week Holding Periods.

Strategy is Based on Capturing Value Companies Currently Under ‘Smart Money’ Accumulation (In-House Algorithm).

Stock Screen Filters Include…
U.S. Based Companies Only (Traded on NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq).
Minimum Market-Cap of $50 million.
Strong Free Cash Flow Yields.
Strong Operating Margin Yields.
Gross Margin Improvements.
Operating Margin Improvements.
Minimum Cash Flow to Capital Ratios.
Minimum Cash Flow to Equity Ratios.
Strong ‘Very Recent’ Smart-Money Flow (In-House Algorithm).
Top 5 Stocks Bought & Held for One Week Holding Periods.

Backtested Since Dec 2008, Producing Avg 82.98%/Yr Returns Without Leverage.
(Note: Backtesting data is hypothetical and it has not been verified by C2. Forward trades published live since May 7th 2018 on the C2 platform are verified by C2).

How did you end up Feb of this year with the flash crash?

jN-aPRIL 2018 backtest data (inc Feb) here - blue column is strategy results, the second blue column is the outperformance vs S&P (ie., hedged):

Can you post a link to the strategy?

Of course - link is:

Also 2 more strats (all profitable, but much more liquid )trades only S&P stocks).
These are: