New Strategy SimpliSNP Swing

I am new to collective2 and started new strategy called “SimpliSNP Swing”. I am using this strategy successfully in my personal and retirement account for some time now. Following are my trades from sample trading account I created recently using same strategy.

I am giving 3-months free trial period with coupon code - UGOX37422

I am doing swing trading for S&P500 using SPXL and SPXS. Please watch my strategy for next few months and subscribe if you like.

Compounded 60%+ P/L

02-Sep-2022 Trend change to Long. P/L from previous trend 15.75%
19-Aug-2022 Trend change to Short. P/L from previous trend 24.92%
24-Jun-2022 Trend change to Long. P/L from previous trend 8.95%
09-Jun-2022 Trend change to Short. P/L from previous trend 0%
02-Jun-2022 Trend change to Neutral. P/L from previous trend -0.5%
01-Jun-2022 Trend change to Down (Short). P/L from previous trend +15.52%
24-May-2022 Trend change to Up (Long). P/L from previous trend +1.0%

Great results - what sort of DD are u getting with this based on these returns? What is your average R:R and leverage? What size accounts do you cater for? Good luck!

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I can answer on high level. I am only focusing on S&P 500 as of now with 3X long and short ETFs. I am expecting at least 100 percent annual return using compounding. I have achieved that in the past in multiple accounts one of them is in six figures now, but again past performance can not guarantee future results. I had max around 10 percent unrealized loss and around 6 percent actual loss. I believe I should achieve 100 percent successful trades in normal scenarios other than tricky situation like market is waiting for fed announcement.

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Oh boy. Good luck! :popcorn:

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