Forex Long-Short 1 Currency at the same time

Hi Folks,

I hate to drudge up old news again and again, but again I renewed my system for another six months in the hope that SOMEDAY collective2 will see the light and support multi-direction orders in a single currency pair at the same time. I know, its flat and I don’t want to hear that old thread again because I don’t care that its flat and don’t want to talk about it. I JUST WANT THE FEATURE PLEASE! OMFG. This is not a difficult thing, just remove the logic that prevents it for FOREX trading only and then allow us automated script traders to trade in both directions in the same pair PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

There’s a reason it’s called ‘logic’

Ah, another retarded comment. Oh, well, I didn’t see it. He’s on ignore from the last time he brought up this stupidity.

Lawrence, I am familiar with a few of those strategies and not sure if this would help but you probably can look at trading 2 currency pairs that are highly (over 90%) correlated whether -ve or +ve, working out the $ per pip and the average daily range to determine lot size in order to end up more or less flat.


Thanks Gemack, its just that I want to be able to open trades in the same currency pair in opposing directions and then the automated script close the seperate trades at different times when each one is in profit. Its simple and EVERY broker I know allows it except C2. This is the last time I’m going to pay for my signal because I simply cannot execute accurate strategies without C2 passing these through. I know, the last time everyone says I’m an idiot because its flat Blah blah blah… they just don’t know how my automation works that’s all. I don’t want to beleaguer this point any more, Matthew please allow this logic to pass through so that you can please everyone that has ever brought up this topic. If your goal is to “protect” the individuals make them have a configuration option in their profiles that won’t allow the single pair opposite direction trades if the want to prevent it (default it to allow) and then we’re good.