Forex Pip Value Calculation

Does anyone know how to calculate the value of a pip in forex without reverse engineering a system trade result? Thanks.

For the currencies that have USD listed as second in the pair (eg. EUR/USD, GPB/USD, AUD/USD the pip value is always $10 per $100K "lot" (or $1 per C2 $10K minilot). For other currencies where USD is involved, but listed first, the pip value is $10 divided by the appropriately-scaled exchange rate. For example, for USD/CAD divide by 1.167 (as I type this) to get $8.57 per pip per $100K lot. For USD/JPY divide by 1.1720 (rather than 117.20 as a quote would be listed), etc.

For cross rates (USD not involved) you have to use their respective exchange rates, or just use an online calculator such as these:

where you can punch in the various exchange rates and have it calculate the pip values.

P.S. For C2 systems you can also choose on each system’s page to display the trade results in either pips or dollars. So you can also ratio these to get dollars per pip quickly.