Forum promotion strategy

Let me honest, has any strategy that promoted in the forum ever done well?

That’s almost the commone denominator, it’s humane nature. If you are desperate enough to promote in the forums, either you are bragging about your 3 month performance then get complacent or you are desperate to subs by over risk to get gains.

I’ve seen some good systems promoted here, where the developer explains the strategy and politely answers any questions, maybe offers an introductory discount or free trial coupon. That doesn’t mean the system will do well in the very long term (for example, Topaz, which did well for years but eventually failed) but subscribers have a good idea of what they are getting into at the time and know it’s likely the developer will maintain communication with them for the life of the system.

When the developer brags about a system, promises outrageous returns, makes claims based on a backtest they won’t provide, and gets into name-calling arguments, well, it’s time to put that system on my watchlist and get out the popcorn.

The behavior of developers on this forum is their calling card, it’s their opportunity to show their intelligence, experience, maturity and emotional restraint, It’s surprising how quickly some people waste that opportunity.


This topic is absurd. Bragging, promoting or not taking subs BS. is not a causation of an unsuccessful system. If that were the case there would be no successful companies or Ceo’s.
I believe most leaders first reason for being here is to make money and playing psychologist to panicky finger pointing subs is secondary. As for me,
I personally am doing this for entertainment and I believe in my system, and if I just have 1 sub to float my system that’s awesome. I don’t need any more money. That’s just being greedy. Ask yourselves why you are crying everyday. Are you hungering for more money?

Is this the Thanos from the upcoming Avengers movie (the villain)?

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Statistically, there are not many strategies that survive a long time in C2, it does not matter if the developers promote them or not in the forum. However, there are different strategies that are very interesting and that could be very useful for investors.

If you don’t need any more money (you’re rich?) then why do you need someone to float your system?

But I’d agree with @OSUTIA. The vast majority of people promoting their systems on here, offering coupons, etc. are desperate for subscribers because they know their strategies aren’t special, and are trying to get as much as they can before everyone else realizes that. Every now and then you get intelligent, thoughtful system designers with skin in the game (:wink: Taleb), but for the most part they are jokers who disappear after 6-12 months, if not sooner.


I was simulating almost all strategies younger than 2-3 months promoted on the forum from oct 2017. Lost around 100k (maybe 150k, need to wrap up numbers) from my virtual 500k. Probably 80% of teh strategies are in large dd or stopped trading. But I think that it is applicable for all young strategies here on C2, even not promoted.


Wealthy people understand the value of money.
Ask Gates for a million bucks, see what he does.

I’m going to say subs are greedier than leaders and they cry more than leaders about money and are constantly filled with vitriol and hate.
I mean, you don’t see threads dedicated to ripping on subs.
Why would anyone be entrusting large amounts of money with internet money managers with no background checks.
Buy some rental properties and lock in your money in cds’s, I think they’re giving 2.75% for 5 years.

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