How's it hangin'?

When I walk through the forums, I get the idea that they are often dominated by one or a few mental rascals. What do you think?


Yea I agree with you StocktimerPro.

The forums can connect/help a lot of smart people with similar goals. But cant help get a whiff of mental rascal in every conversation.

Thank you Avy, let’s keep up the good work, and still hope for change


Cannot say for everyone, but there are people that actively hunt scammers (DZ) and the people that counterclaim the scamhunters (LRC, Algosystems). Then there are people that are very enthousiastic about their algorithm and just claim it is the best and defend it with all their might. Then you have people who just want to participate and then there is a whole bunch you might not spot because their post gets ignored by the people above. So yeah, that’s it.

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@BoyRijniers, I think you have me confused with someone else. Where did I counterclaim the scamhunters? lol

I am one of those critics that will come right out and criticize anyone who will put forth a bad system.

@AlgoSystems should not be lumped in the same bucket as @LRCManagement. LRC is a troll, nothing more.

I have found Algo to be useful and fun on these forums on calling out system developers with ridiculous claims.

@DogZebra_Investing, thanks for vouching for me. I try to be neutral at times until its proven that the system/developer is a fraud.

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I might actually have and I apologize for that. There are always two bitching against DZ, I thought I had remembered you but I may have confused you (as you are an active contributor as well)