Free Trial looks like misnomer

I am frustrated as I signed up for a system’s free trial and money was taken out of my account IMMEDIATELY.

I then unsubscribed and the email implied that money will not be taken out AGAIN…There was no language that stated that IF I canceled in the free trial period that those monies would be reimbursed immediately.

Has anyone else had this issue?

1) Why does money get pulled out immediately IF there is a free trial for the system? Shouldn’t C2 WAIT until the free trial is over?

2) Why does C2 advertise not having to pay for the free trial on their website IF they indeed pull money out the same day as the card info is entered?

Hi, Michael:

When you sign up for a trial, we do what is called a “pre-auth” on your card, making sure that you have the funds available, if you do continue to subscribe.

Some banks (particularly in the case of debit cards) will make the pre-authed amount appear as charged (this is pretty unusual for true credit cards though; it’s more typical for debit cards).

In any case, if you unsubscribe, we immediately and automatically cancel the pre-auth, but it can take a day or two for this to work its way through your bank’s computers to appear on your statement as canceled, depending on your bank/card type.

If you cancel, the item will indeed disappear from your statement (assuming you actually had it appear in the first place).


Thanks for the thorough response.

It would be better perhaps (?) for subscribers if the instant-email-response for cancellation noted this "pre-auth" and stated clearly your explanation above.

Thanks again so much!