Cancelling before end of the month

If I subscribe to a system that has a fee assessed at the end of the month if the system is profitable, and I cancel my subscription before a month has passed, does this mean I will not be charged any fee (regardless of the performance of the system to that point)?

This would mean that in effect, those systems offering fees based on performance and assessed at the end of a period are essentially offering a free trial period equal to the fee period minus 1 day?

If this is true, are those systems with fees of this type included in the category of systems offering free trial periods?



You are right. You can theoretically unsubscribe 1 day before the ‘profitability test’ and thus get a free trial. I don’t believe that profitability-guaranteed systems are included in the ‘Free Trial’ systems lists specifically.

Hello Mathew, please consider re-write the description to make it clear that how the free try is offered for profitability-guaranteed systems.

You always have one free month/week. You don’t have to take it in the first month unless you decide the system is not for you. The time period from last charge till you drop it is alway free. This is the unique feature of performance quranteed systems. Am I right Matthew?