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"FUTURES CME-NYMEX" and "Bablomet"strategy

Hi guys.
You know me as a trader of the “FUTURES CME-NYMEX” strategy.
For 6 months, the strategy has shown its stability and profitability.

The last month (July) has shown itself to be very stable.
10.2% = 11K was earned. ( 109,500 + 10.2% = $ 120,500)

Table sorted by maximum Drawdown

Table sorted by maximum stop loss.

Table sorted by maximum profit.

From this we can conclude that the trading was carried out in limited risks and in a stable limited profit.
Trading is carried out with 1-2 contracts. It is very difficult to overtake the market with a positive number of ticks.
In such trading, the market entry takes place in one line.

But … more interesting results are shown by strategies with a position management system.
In such systems, the entry into the market does not take place on the line, but in a narrow zone of position entry.
I don’t mean martingale.
This allows for a more flexible attitude to the available positions.
And this greatly affects the result.

As an experiment, I started an additional strategy “Bablomet” -
For the first week, she showed good results.

In the “Bablomet” strategy, 4-5 contracts are fully loaded. If the price goes against the position, then 1-2 contracts are closed. Next comes the opening of 1 contract and quick profit (or quick loss). This makes it possible to slightly improve the average price of the entire position.
Something like this. This is not a martingale.

Another situation in pictures.
There was a Draw down in equity.
You might think that this is sitting out losses. This is not the case.

In this situation, a stop-loss was accepted so as not to lose even more. The market could have gone lower, but I don’t average, I accept losses.
After that, I saw that the market is not going down, but is starting to form an upward movement.
I go to trade again. And my equity comes back.

(red lines - loss, green lines - profit)

I watch other strategies on c2. I saw what happened to the “Just Forex Trades” and “Gusher” strategies and many others.
There is a problem in accepting a stop after averaging or bad entry, when there is no free money left.
I have a different system.

Subscribe to the “Bablomet” strategy for simulation and watch the experiment.

P.S. I will add about the “FUTURES CME-NYMEX” strategy.
To follow the strategy, you need to open an account not in IB, but with a futures broker, for example, or

Futures brokers have a small margin for opening a position.
See for yourself how much margin you need to have to open a position.
For example, for ES it is $ 500 (Intraday Margin column)

You just need 2-3K for margin and the rest of the money as risk capital. You have enough 15K from a futures broker to follow my strategy.
I made $ 11K this month. In fact, that would be doubling your capital in one month.

As you know, c2 introduces “limit the size of positions” rules.
Maximum Position Sizes for FUTURES CME-NYMEX:
E-MINI S&P 500 - 29 contracts
E-MINI NASDAQ - 11 contracts
CRUDE OIL SEPTEMBER 2020 - 8 contracts
E-MINI CRUDE OIL SEPTEMBER 2020 - Not allowed to trade
GOLD DECEMBER 2020 - 3 contracts.
E-MICRO GOLD DECEMBER 2020 - Not allowed to trade
This means that I will no longer be able to trade some futures.
In order to keep the ability to trade for my subscribers, I can accept 5-10 more new subscribers.
After that, the reception of new subscribers will be closed.

Thanks to the subscribers who believed in my strategy.
I wish you further profits (with my strategy).

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