Futures CME-NYMEX - Strategy not accepting new subscribers

My strategy "Futures CME-NYMEX " is closed for new subscribers.

But you can contact me to get access to a subscription.
To help you decide if my trading is right for you, you can sign up in “simulation” mode.
How to do it:

  1. Go to the grid page - Collective2
  2. In the “name” column find my strategy by doing a search, for instance, by typing in the word “futures”.
  3. Click on the “+” (this action will add the strategy to your Watch List)
  4. Go to the Watch List page - https://collective2.com/watchlist
  5. Click on SIMULATE in the strategy
  6. Now the strategy will be visible to you.
    Watch, study.
    Contact me if this is the right statistic for you.

Rules of the trade:
Risk per day - about $3K
traded instruments - futures, mainly ES and NQ
number of contracts - up to 5 (or x10 for microcontracts)

Some statistics:
April (through the 26th): $1,960
March: $7,997
February: $4,615
January: $23,448
December: $9,758

There may be several unprofitable days in a row.
Possible losing trades, days and months.

This strategy is not for those who want to make a quick million.
This strategy prioritizes risk control.
Once a certain profit is achieved, the risk and quantity will increase.

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The risk (in percentage) should always remain the same, no matter how much money a trading system is making, wouldn’t you agree?

The percentage risk will remain unchanged.
When there will be a profit that allows you to increase the lot, then the risk in money will be increased.
But not in percentages.

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Ok, now it makes sense, the increase in risk you were talking about is in absolute dollars, not in percentage.


What is the trick?

I have experience managing strategies in which subscribers lost money. Some of them did not use internal risk controls on c2 and lost a lot. Now they don’t want to hear a single word from me.
I was trying to show maximum profits, and wanted to make fast and a lot of money. But the life of such strategies ends quickly.
But the “smart” subscribers didn’t lose money with me. They used their risk control and didn’t wait for a miracle.
Now they have continued to work with me on this new strategy.
Most investors don’t understand that risk control is infinitely more important than profits.
The subscription fee system forces the traders themselves to chase super profits in order to get another subscriber.
This is a huge problem on c2.

c2 is a good platform that allows you to work safely with investors money. The money is in the investor’s account. He is always in control of them.
As long as the trader’s labor is not paid as is customary in the industry, then you shouldn’t expect the trader to take care of your money.
I’m looking for serious investors with whom I can work long and productively for them and for myself.


Hi, neighbor!

Great results! Only I do not understand the logic of hiding the strategy from new subscriptions. What is the meaning of this event?


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There is a rule on c2 for futures trading called Maximum Position Sizes. The essence of the rule - the size of the position depends on the number of subscribers. If the instrument has a maximum of 5 contracts and one subscriber, you will be able to trade only 1 contract if there are 5 subscribers. If there are 6 subscribers, the tool will become unavailable for trading.

Right now I am building up a “cushion” for my investors, so this rule does not affect my trading.
After some time, I will increase my risk in the money and use the maximum available lot for trading. That’s why I limited the number of subscribers.
As long as there are still 1-2 spots on the board.
Those who wanted to join have already sent me a private message.

hello, did you get private message on c2 from me?

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No, email me at belpolyg@gmail.com

April +4%, +3822 $ in money
Possible individual risk conditions for each investor.

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Excellent results Alex! I will check back on your strategy often. I’m curious about your remark about Maximum Position Sizes. Where did you find this information? Is there a list of limitations somewhere?


Click on the “What’s New” button on the C2 dashboard page and read the July 21, 2020 note, I think it will answer your question.

Thanks, now I remember reading it, but concrete numbers still have to be published it seems. Well, for now my strategy is nowhere near the limits of market liquidity :wink:

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everyone has individual limits
depends on the number of subscribers, their scaling
trading hours (liquidity)
and proximity of expiration date

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May -2.7%, -$3265 in cash

-2.7% (excluding subscription fees)
-3.2% (includes $500 subscription fee)

I will take a few new subscribers to the strategy. (I put a limit of 5 subscribers.)
Monthly fee: $500.
If you want a discount, contact me via email belpolyg@gmail.com