Real account for $10K at broker Ninjatrader

The strategy on c2 continues to evolve.

The amount required for autotracking must match the current account size. Right now it’s about $100K.
Not many people can afford it.

I propose a new strategy for those who have small capital.

It’s enough to have a $10K account with the futures broker Ninjatrader.
With a $10K account I trade futures on micro index contracts (MES, MNQ) without taking excess risk.
Risks: daily loss limit - $500-600.
Intraday trading.

The minimum amount of money for entry the CME market starts from $10,000.
You can enter the market with smaller sum, for example 5.000$, but the risk in percent will be more.

The results of work for the first week of the account with 10К$.
In the first week earned $862.

If you are interested in joining this strategy, then email me at
If there will be interested investors, I will launch a strategy for $10K capital for subscription.


The last two weeks have been slow, risk-free growth.
Cumulative total by profit: 2304 $
Worst day: -$124

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The subscription price has dropped from $500 to $150 (for three days).
Be sure to join at the low cost.

The profitability of the strategy is at its maximum value and is growing steadily.