Spooz Daily Scalps strategy

How to subscribe to your strategy

but seriously, I have to put subscriber limit on this strategy. CME position limit got my hands tied. unless I screw up really bad, i don’t think my current subs will leave. i can barely trade over 10 MES contracts as it is. Just need few more months until i transition to ES contracts, then i’ll have more room to play

I wonder why your strategy after 5 months still has a C2 score of zero…

C2 score punish me heavily for using high leverage. go figure…

if actually use 100k account for example or maybe use very low leverage i’d be top 10 easy

c2 score is useless to me anyway. ive seen leaderboard strategies completely blow up last couple of months using low leverage…so go figure

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Hello sir,

if you trade you own capital why no TOS?

Also, you wrote in your description " I also will only send signals as 1 contract, and it’s up to subscribers to scale it appropriately on their end." but in that last trades you traded 4/5 contracts , so how much this strategy trades??
and your portfolio is currently on 9K but you trade between 4-15 micro which is almost 150K ( in position size ) so how much you will recommend portfolio size? because even if I don’t scale 1% down in index and I’m out.


TOS reads size as is, which would screw up my strategy cause Im at the near max of position limit. So i had to stop my TOS after my limit.

SO i’m using MT5 platform to “filter” my trades to C2 as 1 contract. Every fill (even partial) is a signal, so that’s why you see few trades are bigger

the portfolio value is also meaningless at this point. it’s significantly below what i’m actually trading. Partly due to slippage, fees, and C2 commission which doesn’t reflect real life

it’s subs responsibility to scale to whatever level they feel safe. margins on C2 is also not even close to what AMP gives

how to verify your trading results in MT5?