Futures Eurodollar order


I’m trying to place an order for eurodollar dec, 2015 order and it keeps saying contract has expired.

symbol used is @edz5


Try @EDZ15 (two digits may be needed for a farther-out contract). I’ll work on having order-entry system recognize your intent. In meantime, try it with the “15”.

thanks for the quick reply, when i use @edz15 it gives me this message

"For futures contracts expiring in 2015, use just one final year digit. Thus the correct symbol is @EDZ5"


Whoops. Ok, hang on. Let me get this fixed. I’ll post here shortly.

OK, this is fixed. Go ahead and trade farther-out futures to your heart’s content. Example: @EDZ5 now works.

Thank you very much!

Hello, I seem to be having a similar problem. I bpught some @EDU22, and it takes the order, but it is not getting filled. Just sitting in my order queue. It does allow me to purchase nearer contracts like EDU19.

Hello AssetAllocator,

Thank you for your report!

We fixed the issue, can you give it a try again, when you get the chance, please?

Works now, thanks!.. … .