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Futures proxy - a proxy to vix arb?


Made private. Aw. Who didn’t see that one coming… only took 9 days from first post. LOL

“A fool and his money are soon parted”


Maybe he will be back under another id…thats sad.


I was wondering if trade leader goes private does he lose his subs or he keeps them but can’t pass signals?


Maybe “C2” should immediately subscribe to each system that they offer their “stamp of approval” to for $1 a month. This would give us immediate ACCURATE trade results for the system. We need to bring in more subs in order to grow. The last thing we need is a newbie throwing all of his $ down on 1 system because he doesn’t understand how past results can be “manipulated”, then he loses 50% & tells all of his friends how he got burned on C2. By the same token, I see GOOD systems with longer track records & no subs, probably for the same reason. No confirmed history of trades.


Ouch, make a little profit and BAM… more than $10K loss in 1 day, btw… in statistic, he is not losing 10% yet. Good luck for a new system with crazy contracts in small capital. This is just remind me one of developer that advertise, he is only trade 5 contracts for each day $ and 1 million profit in very short term. Guess who…


That developer was Quanstatfutures. Still waiting for him to come up with his new system…he said he is working out the kinks and will be back soon? lol…


look who is up in this crazy times? :open_mouth: lets give some credit where is due :wink:
Good luck to subscribers :slight_smile:


Congrats! But the developer went all in with 21 contracts! lol…the gamble paid off! Its not for the faint of heart boys and girls.


This strategy is a joke. Just a matter of time before -100%. You guys can’t be serious.


I am seriously joking…lol


another one in same category?


Yeah buy at the bid sell at the ask. Complete fake. This system is 100% bogus. Why doesn’t C2 shut these down?

Look like some idiots subscribed today. Once real money is chasing this garbage it will implode within a couple weeks. Stupid people do stupid things I guess.


Another one!

I think creation of such a system itself is automated by somebody. all that would be required as input is a name of the strategy and instrument to trade :smiley:


Good find @QFund !!

C2 - please shut these guys down. Another faker just like UVXY Trader and Diamond.

Apparently today he got a sub. Thus ends the party for his strategy.


here we go - for the usual :popcorn:


Not sure how he managed it.

Looking at AUDCHF trade, from 9:34 to 9:35, Bought at 0.71003 and sold at 0.73311.
And entire day’s range is from low at 0.73026 to high at 0.73430.


That’s the first thing I noticed too. So yeah, typical bid/ask spread gaming + some weird BS trades like this.

I honestly want to see if some idiot subscribes to this. Please keep this nonsense system open C2. :joy:


Subs yes, but no autotraders are live for trades yet, so the show is still on!