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Futures proxy - a proxy to vix arb?


what can i say? self explanatory. am baffled by the number of subscribers. i sincerely hope/pray they all do good

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Seems legit :wink:

Is it even possible to open that many contracts with that capital?
Since IB has huge margins for some futures.


No auto-traders - no trust. Somehow such systems goes flat or south with auto-traders onboard. :slight_smile:


Now that there is real money chasing this we’ll see how his chart looks - the bad news is he just duped alot of people into giving him $150.

Also notice all these ‘subscribers’ are all short pseudo names? This is all really fishy.

No description, no nothing… time to get the popcorn out to watch the fireworks when it blows.


good point - most subscribers have only this system on their list. If what you think is what I think , it has been a long term plan as the users are created some time ago :slight_smile:


Hello @DogZebra_Investing

Your statement got me interested. Every single investor that subscribed with the exception of one is ONLY subscribed to this strategy. No other strategies. Look it up. You were spot on when your gut said something was fishy.

I took your gut feel a step further and did some investigating.

Good day


Doesn’t look like a system that is actually tradable with a real account. buying the bid selling the ask. There was a system on here last year that was doing the same, he was charging 2500 a month. He made it private when people figured it out as a scam. Why don’t you make it free for 2 weeks let some people autotrade it and lets see how it does.


Another oddity: There are 8 subscribers, all of whom joined C2 between Dec. 2016 and June 2017. Leaving out one of them (who is out of order), 7 of the subscribers decided to subscribe to this strategy in exactly the order that they joined C2. In other words, (excluding one sub) the strategy’s first subscriber joined C2 in Dec 2016, the strategy’s second sub joined C2 in early Jan. 2017, the next sub joined C2 later in Jan. 2017, and so on.

This assumes that the C2 list of subs on Futures Proxy’s page is in the order in which they subscribed to Futures Proxy, which it should be (but may not be).

I think that the odds that 7 out of 8 users just happened to subscribe in precisely the same order that they joined C2 months earlier is substantially less than 1 in 5,000.

It’s almost as if someone had a list of these C2 members based on when they joined and signed them up for Futures Proxy in order, using the list.

I also wonder whether most or all of them didn’t pay the entire subscription fee, which of course leaders are completely free to waive.


WOW good catch @QuantitativeModels

Is this the extreme that traders go to just to get a few dollars? I would assume that simply “trading” would be a lot less hassle. In fact I used the wrong word “traders” in my first sentence. I mean to think of this genius plan and execute on it to convince some unwilling investors. If you’re that smart, making money would come a lot easier if you redirect your attention and focus on more positive things. Just my $0.02. He must have not had a “stop” in place with this plan because there were a lot of smart people that figured out exactly what was going on. Plan B here we come. Maybe this was plan Z?

Good day


get those pop corns. autotraders are on :frowning:


Always stick to the rules…give a system at least 6 months before subscribing. Once a history has been established then we can breakdown the trades of the system to see if the risk/reward is satsifactory. I made my mistake of joining a system with only 2-3 months trade history when I first joined and won’t be doing that again.


Wow, one autotrader is in at 10X scaling. Super confident!


Is this how you manipulate “popularity” and with it a higher C2 score?


Why C2 even allows such type of systems? Obviously scam.
He buys at bid and sells as ask, immediately. Holding period is less than a minute.
This is only possible on C2, not in real life account.

I think C2 should be banning such systems. It only makes them look bad.


as soon as the real autotraders came on the system has started to have losing trades. impossible to trade.


Sorry, but these idiots deserve to lose their money.
Think about it - if you could turn $50k to $100k in a month like clockwork with 0 drawdown, why on earth would you share it?


Looks like these subs are taking some big losses! 10k+ in losses during the last 2 trades!


ah - that was unexpected…i thought system owner would wait until he gets more subscribers… may be the rate at which subscribers joined made the owner confidant that system started trading equity futures now with subs :open_mouth:


I sent note to C2 support about this system, that it is obvious scam.
Got reply that they will investigate.
Guess what? System is still active. As long as C2 is getting its cut from subscribe fee, I guess they don’t care.


One sub traded 20 contracts! Subscribing to any strategy should be limited to 1 or 2 contracts initially before scaling up. This way profits can be accrued. This is proper money management.