Futures Trading Success.... NO MARTINGALE

please look at my strategy. I am very committed to NO MARTINGALE as I have seen with other strategies. I trade
NQ, ES, YM , etc…

Please consider subscribing or just simulate…

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2 Questions

Why no TOS?

What happened with the NQ trade from 8/2 to 8/15 that had a 11% drawdown? Looks like you let it go 50+ points against you.

Your description says “Losing trades will be cut”

that trade ended up a loss of less than one point.

also, on the C2 system Drawdown is defined as a move down (for a long) from a high point. I think that is not a way to look at things. I prefer to consider if there is a loss from cost basis (entry point)

Let me clarify… I will have losing trades. But they will be cut, I will not be added additional contracts to a losing position. There are numerous Futures strategies here on C2 that do that very thing.

Entry was 7374.75, my chart shows low of the day (8/15) around 7320 so to me that shows you were 50+ points down from your initial entry, not from the high point of the trade. 50 NQ points is $1000, you started with an account size of $10k so that 11% draw-down seems about right.

My point is you say that losing trades will be cut but you let this one go against you pretty big - yes it luckily ended back near break-even in this case but I think its a little disingenuous to say that you will cut losing trades.

Description also says “Stops will be issued on every trade.” What was the stop on this trade?

The stop on that trade was 76 points, it is not a fixed number and it varies with every trade. That was a multi day swing trade and on those my stops are larger.

as example: the day trades I did today… 3 winners by the way… all had stops of 20-25 points…

hope this helps

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