New system with a stop loss

Hi all ,

This is a new futures system , the main principal here is to trade with a tight stop loss , around $100 per trade risked plus slippage if any .

Good Luck

No description on the system page and you don’t even mention here which future products you will be trading.

We will trade the most popular futures contracts in the US .

Our first 3 trades have been closed .

Day-trading with a predefined tight stop is a niche in collective2 , there will be no ambiguous stop levels . All stops are known in advance , to give subscribers a peace of mind while following the system .

Now , will this system out perform other systems here ? Sadly the answer is no , with higher risks come higher returns . That being said this system will be a good change for the mentality and the status quo here in c2 .

Important question : Do i need $50 000 to follow your system ?

The answer is NO .

We just trade 1 lot at a time , the margin is usually just few grands , and all our trades are day-trades . So 50K arent really needed to follow the system .

No offense but to me there is a huge difference between trading equity index futures, currency futures and commodity futures - to name a few.

I wouldn’t have any interest in a system that doesn’t clearly state upfront the type of future products that will be traded. Best of luck

Trade on 22nd May shows $196 LOSS. What happened to $100 STOP ??

what it went private already??

Wow. Instant classic promotion thread here. Love it. Gotta bookmark this one :joy:

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Not suprisingly, this was a guaranteed losing strategy…how can such a small stop loss not get stopped out trading futures. For the ES thats only 2 pts! The developer would have to be the most incredible timer for that to work. For the CL that would be 1 pt! lol…simply ridiculous!

If you promote on forum it already mean you are desperate for subs or need sub fees.

If you are good and have a track record. We will FIND you. You DONT need to spam or promote in the forum.


We certainly dont have a $196 loss , all are limited to $100 plus commissions , however its possible to get some slippage in our stops in a fast moving markets . Anyway so far no losses bigger than $108 .

Pete, it takes awhile for the Description to be posted. Once you submit the text, Help Desk scrutinizes it and will send it back if there are some objectionable phrases. He may have already submitted something and is just waiting for approval.

But on another note, the title of the system might as well be “Always Stop Loss” because it looks like every trade has been stopped out.

2 pts stop on the ES ($100 stop) and so far you are batting .000 average after 5 trades.

You might want to reconsider that logic since the institutions will tend to try and hit your stops that tight. So in the long run you will never be able to achieve more than 50%

Just my advice.

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Hitting the 50% win rate is not a requirement to make money , your win rate can be just 10% and you still make a killing .

That depends on your target amount. With a 10% win rate to make a breakeven profit you will need to have a target of 18 pts x $50 for each ES point = $900.

Is that your target?

Is my win rate = 10% ?

And arent you the same guy who said earlier 1 point in CL = $100 .

Yup…your win rate is 0% right now and you 1 CL pt = $100. Why is it different for you?

oops…you finally had a win

Go back to the drawing board 1 point in CL = $10

geez…1 tick = $10!! there are 10 ticks in 1 pt for the CL