Gainers/Losers list on main page

MK, Would it be possible for you to get the various daily/weekly/monthly and quarterly lists to rotate through, instead of having to refresh and hope to see the one that might be of interest?

Bump. Could you comment on this suggestion please MK. Several months back I made the same suggestion and you did reply saying it was a good idea. Is this still your view and if so then would it be a difficult thing to implement?

Thanks, and anyone else who thinks this may be a good idea could add their voice here.[LINKSYSTEM_29376872]


I certainly never mind being bumped/reminded. It’s simply a case that I’ve been swamped with other C2 development work / infrastructure improvements which (in my calculus, anyway) will have more “bang for the buck” for more C2 users. But I do promise to get to this (and many of the other fine suggestions) as soon as I can schedule them.