Gainers since midnight

For the satisfaction of providers, I think that Collective2 could extend the list to the systems gaining 1% or more. It is an idea, obviously.

1% make the list too long, how about 5%.

just another idea.

How about 10 to 25% and another list of 1 to 5 % ?

As the cash on hand grows, it will become difficult to make these lists. Try making a list with $400K equity. Still, I don’t think the 1% list is a good idea. If there was another list type added it could be based on other criteria that can give us a picture of how that DAY’s performance went (win/loss, or $ booked, etc).


How about a list of trading systems with low intraday drag but high return and a list of trades which has long period intraday holding and short intraday holding with decent return let said in the order of 5-10%?