Gbpjpy STO orders did not trigger properly

On 8/6/2010 morning I placed a BTO and a STO orders for GBPJPY both with their own stop and profit orders . Market price went up to BTO level and entered a long position, then retraced to STO price and the order was activated but only closed the long position without entering the short position. Some other times I had this kind of orders executed properly, but I found there are frequent problems. Somebody has any insight?

hmmmmmmm, had an issue friday morning as well where I clicked on the stop loss for a trade in progress and adjusted it to breakeven +1 pip and clicked submit. didn’t check the trade blotter or anything like that and was surprise when i checked the trade later and saw that there was no record of that happening. sent an email to matthew to check the trail but haven’t received a response as yet.


Please fill out a trouble ticket so that someone can figure out what system you are talking about.