Problem cotation on

Stop loss excuted on GBPJPY @ 207.50 and generated a lose of 5.352$ … but the cotation is false !!!

The stop loss not realy executed because GBPJPY never has a such cotation (betwwen 210.06 and 211.35 today end NEVER 207.51) !!!

Thank’s to regularise the situation please.

Action Quantity Symbol Type TIF Trade Posted Trade Executed Fill Price

BTO 20 BARGBPJPYSPT @ STP 210.51 GTC 5/22/06 1:58 5/22/06 6:23 210.51

STC 20 BARGBPJPYSPT @ STP 207.51 GTC 5/22/06 6:31 5/31/06 2:15 207.51

I’ve had 3 trades in the past 24 hours go bad because of stop losses filled when the price was never hit. Is there a problem with the datafeed?

I have looked at each of these incidents you reported. There is no problem as far as I can see; the prices were indeed hit according to the IDEALPRO data feed. Keep in mind that all forex brokers have slightly different quotes. We use IDEALPRO because most autotraders trade through Interactive Brokers (IDEALPRO). In other words, if you had subscribers to your system here on C2, they would have been filled.


This was a bad tick and the trade has been rolled back. Please use the REPORT PROBLEMS link to report bad ticks in the future. (It’s a link available on your trading system page.)

Argh, what a waste! Matthew just said all they were all hit when viewing his data feed. Now I need to dig myself out of this hole. :wink: