Please check your pending forex orders

C2 had a technical glitch last night at around 6:30 pm ET, in which a handful of forex stop/limit orders were triggered incorrectly. To “fix” the problem, I needed to remove those wrongly-triggered orders from the system. This means that a forex order you entered earlier, which you believe is sitting in a “pending” state – waiting to be executed – no longer exists in your system.

Only a handful of these orders were removed, and I contacted system vendors whom I believe were affected. But please do me a favor: if you are a forex trader, check your orders and positions, and make sure that all the orders you think should be there, are indeed still there.

If you see a missing stop or limit order, you’ll need to re-enter it, unfortunately.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


1/ I have the problem: an order short on USDJPY @ 117.83… normaly it is executed and now USDJPY is 117.00 => +83 pips for 20 lots

=> Total +1660 pips…

but it’s lost by your system…

How can you arrange that ? If i re-enter the order i can’t recuper the gains in my results and +1660 pips… it’s important for my results!

2/ Why my recent posts are cancelled of the forum ? (there was about this subject…)


This has now been fixed. Sorry for the trouble. -MK

Super… my order is coming back and it’s ok. !

Thank’s Matthew !