Gen 1 trader68

I want to add a system ,but when i click autotrade i cannot choose the trader68 option (gen 1 option)

How do i add one or more systems

i did in in the past before the new lay out

position trader [LINKSYSTEM_72043336]

Did you click on the Interactive Broker’s icon on the first page or the Trader68 icon?


i see only the choice of interactive brokers ,before i had to choose trader68

yes i choose IB
but i do not see any option to choose trader68
if it is in the remainder of process is it not logical


Does your first screen look like this?



I had only one choice interactive brokers

position trader[LINKSYSTEM_72043336]

OK, I guess you’ll have to wait for help from C2.



My opinion is the only system that works totally glitch free is OpenECry.