Need help ASAP! GEN 3 Auto sync problem

Hi Methew,

I’m trading RM Commodities system and auto sync is trading FVH1 multiple times when the developer is still SHORTING FVH1. Here is the log:

CME000A 2011-02-07 01:05:10 @FVH1 Sell to Open 2 116.8984375 -2

CME000A 2011-02-08 19:32:08 @FVH1 Buy to Close 2 116.40625 $984

CME000A 2011-02-15 18:28:43 @FVH1 Sell to Open 2 116.515625 -2

CME000A 2011-02-15 23:51:13 @FVH1 Buy to Close 2 116.6171875 ($203)

The developer SHORT this one since 2/5/2015 and still holding it, so what make my account trade this multiple times. Please help resolve this issue since it is causing my account erroneously and NOT in sync with model account.

Thanks for helping

-Anh Nguyen


Actually, there is no mistake here. The system developer changed his position from "electronic" five-year notes to pit-traded five-year notes. Since your AutoTrade broker does not support pit-traded notes, the position was removed from your account. Later the system vendor changed his mind (I guess) and converted from pit-traded five-year notes back to electronic notes, and thus the position was re-opened in your account.

Thanks Mathew for quick response. Since I’m auto trading everything and just wanted to make sure it’s OK. NOW that it’s OK, I feel relieve.

Thank you for your great support. Now that I’m moving away from other platform (Strategy Runner) and move to C2 to trade exclusively. The reason is that C2 is an OPEN platform and NO BODY can hide anything from subscribers and the interaction among everyone is great. C2 enables average traders like me to auto trade any system that I deems fit. C2 has become a more popular market place for futures and commdities trading. Thanks for creating this great website and keep improving it.

-Anh Nguyen