Gen1 orders


Why were the BTO limit orders of “INVERTERATE 1 Day only” not placed before the market open as usual?

There are problems (like connectivity problems, wrong fills, delayed orders … since 05/13) and you haven’t made an explaining statement about them.

Most of us are paying customers and I think we have the right to know what’s going on.

Don’t behave like SONY or TEPCO.

Hi, Georg:

I do not believe there are any system-wide issues. If your INVETERATE orders were not submitted on time, and if you are using TradeBullet, the best first step is for you to contact TradeBullet and give your TradeBullet logs to TradeBullet Support ( Ask Francis for some help. Then Francis and I can look into this together.

But, again, I am not trying to keep things quiet and mysterious. It is simply that I have no indication that there is any problem today.