Malfunctioning of TB and C2

Just when I thought things were running smoothly there were several mulfunctions of either TB or C2 or both during the last couple of days. For example, today for the system Rainier C2 shows an execution of a limit order 7 minutes after the close and TB submitted that ordeer as a market order. Rainier only issues limit orders and the limit order should never execute outside of regular market orders. Yesterday and the day before orders were executed in duplicate for the system eminialerts which caused losses in my account. For the system Sutton1 a similar situation occured today. What is going on?

Karl - Please let Francis @ TradeBullet know the specifics of these issues (I am particularly interested in the Sutton 1 issue you mention) and we will investigate. Thanks - MK

Matthew - Message has been sent to Francis with copy to you - Karl

In TradeBullet go to Options -> Collective2

and choose No FillManagement.

Wow - can the solution be as simple as that?

Francis and Matthew: What are your opinions about that?

I’ll try to describe the problem you’re running into.

Your trading through, let’s say InteractiveBrokers, and your LMT order wasn’t triggered, but the LMT order at Collective2 got triggered (they have different market datas). Now TradeBullet gets informed, that the order status at Collective2 has changed from a “filled lmt order” to a triggered order. Now you are out of sync with Collective2. Therefore you have the option to let a lmt order change into a mkt order, so that you get also triggered.

I recommend to omit this behaviour. To do so, just unselect FillManagement :slight_smile:

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Josef - Thanks for your posts, they are always helpful. Regarding the above mentioned problems, the outside of RTH triggered fill (16:07 ET) of a limit order (that should have never happened no matter where C2 gets its data from) for the system “Rainier” and the subsequent conversion to a market order for the next day by TB actually did not cause any damage because there was plenty of time to cancel that market order before the next day’s opening.

The much more serious problems occurred with “eminialerts” and “Sutton1” which caused losses in my account when certain orders were executed twice by TB whereas C2 showed the correct one time execution of such orders. For those cases I wonder if checking “No Fill Management” would have worked.

Anyway, I related these problems, including log files, to Francis and Matthew and at this point Francis acknowledged the problem and said he annd Mathew are working on it and will get back to me. - Karl

Hi Matthew and Francis,

Have you had a chance yet to look into the issues?

Today the "Sutton 1" trades worked fine, could it have been because I checked the "No Fill Management" box?

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Fill management has nothing to do with what happened and it would not have changed anything.

The issue was the system is using the new beta TS8 interface and it had a bug which Matthew fixed over the weekend.


Thanks Francis - Karl