Gen3 IB AutoTrade coming in Q2

People have been asking me about the schedule for Gen3 AutoTrade support for Interactive Brokers. The answer is:

We plan on releasing the service in Q2 of this year. (i.e. not too long from now)

I’ll keep you posted as the schedule firms up.

Do you know if we will still be able to use the login/password we provide to login separately to TWS (like we can with OEC for example)? Or will you be running a version of the gateway API with it and we cannot use it?

Secondly, will you be supporting FA (friends and family) accounts or only single accounts?





Any update on the Gen3 AutoTrade support for Interactive Brokers?

Running TB with its frequent glitches is turning into pure torture.

- Sanjay

Also really keen to know when it will be available

This is absolutely correct.

I had trouble with TB again today.

Hey guys,

Is it a TB problem or a C2 problem or a TWS problem or a combination of all those? I ask because I’ve been thinking about using TB to connect Tradestation to a TT (Trading Technologies) broker but I don’t want to get involved with anything unreliable.

I use TradeBullet to connect to Velocity Futures TT FIX interface, and I’ve found it to be very reliable. About the only problem I’ve had was with some quote data formatting, but that was resolved very quickly.

I am still trying to find out what caused the problem today, Francis does not know either.

I recently downloaded Internet Explorer 9 and it looks like its Smart Screen Filter does not ‘like’ TB because when I update TB I get a warning and I have to turn SSF off in order to proceed with the download of the the updated version. So I made sure TB and C2 are on my Trusted Sites list in IE9 and I will leave the SSF turned off for now and will see if that solves the problem.

If anybody has similar problems or suggestions, please post it here.

Thanks Jack. Velocity is the broker I’m looking at.

I hope the new Gen3/IB system will also allow me to enter manual trades directly into my TWS. Have customers been polled on suggested features?

Any idea when in Q2 will you be able to AutoTrade using IB?

Cheers Richie

Do you have any updates on the estimated date of release for the IB Gen3 interface which was slated for this quarter?