GermanFX: Not able to close an open trade


during the last 15 minutes I tried several times to close the open GBPUSD trade at market, but the order is just working. I received confirmation email, but the trade is still open.

What´s wrong?



Market closes at 4PM on Fridays.

Anyways, now there are three working orders STC GBPUSD @ market.

I still think it´s not working as it should.


The forex market shuts down at 16:00 ET on Friday night here at C2.

We even make an effort to proactively post a warning message during this time period on the order-entry screen to alert system developers about to place a trade that this is the case.


alright so far, I haven´t noticed that.

Still, I think it´s not the best solution that the system still accepts orders and acts like with an open market (besides order execution). And now there are three open STC orders for GBPUSD which looks strange to me.

What’s wrong with this platform. I can’t close my running trades?

Hi AmaniPaulo -

It looks like you entered “DAY” orders right before the end of the forex trading day (here on C2 that is 17:00 ET) - so your stop losses and profit targets expired almost right away.

You might want to consider using “Good Til Cancel” (GTC) orders for your stop losses and profit targets, particularly when trading just before the end of the trading day.