Goodbye 2018 and a gift for 2019!

The year 2018 ends these days and as we know it was a difficult year for many investors.

I think that my partners did not enjoy from a good performance in their investment accounts this year as they were used to and I feel that I have to give back to those who have trusted me in recent years.

Therefore, I offer to all my subscribers who has invested with me for the past two years, even if it was only for a short of time and they are not a subscribers any more, the possibility to connect their accounts to my strategy

for the next 2 months, free of charge :gift:.
If you’ve never managed your portfolio through one of my strategies then you can subscribe to this strategy and trade it free for one month :gift:.

Please send me a private message or email me at if you like this idea and wish to join us.

Keep in mind that this strategy perfectly complements the rest of my strategies in terms of performance and risk management, so that combining them together can create a portfolio with high potential and stability. Of course, if you wish you can trade only this strategy…

I fully understand that you, the investor, rely on me in order to manage your funds carefully and responsibly and I should not forget to make every effort to keep your money and generate profits for you and your family.
I can assure you that I remember these commitments every day! We are together in the same boat and in the same journey!

Good luck to both of us!

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